A streams library for PHP based on the Java 8 Streams API.

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A partial implementation of the Java 8 Streams API in PHP. PHPStreams can use your generators, your arrays and really anything that is Iterable and convert modify it like you're used to using Java Streams!

Using streams and generators, you can easily sort through large amounts of data without having to have it all in memory or in scope. Streams also make it easier to structure your code, by (more or less) enforcing single resposibility.

The library is compatible with PHP 5.5.9 and up.


PHPStreams can be installed using Composer. Just run composer require bertptrs/phpstreams in your project root!


Using streams is easy. Say, we want the first 7 odd numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. To do this using Streams, we do the following:

// Define a generator for Fibonacci numbers
function fibonacci()
    yield 0;
    yield 1;

    $prev = 0;
    $cur = 1;

    while (true) {
        yield ($new = $cur + $prev);
        $prev = $cur;
        $cur = $new;

// Define a predicate that checks for odd numbers
$isOdd = function($num) {
    return $num % 2 == 1;

// Create our stream.
$stream = new phpstreams\Stream(fibonacci());

// Finally, use these to create our result.
$oddFibo = $stream->filter($isOdd)  // Keep only the odd numbers
    ->limit(8)                      // Limit our results
    ->toArray(false);               // Convert to array, discarding keys


Documentation is mostly done using PHPDoc. I do intend to write actual documtation if there is any interest.


I welcome contributions and pull requests. Please note that I do follow PSR-2 (and PSR-4 for autoloading). Also, please submit unit tests with your work.

GrumPHP enforces at least part of the coding standard, but do make an effort to structure your contributions nicely.