Many PHP functions used in the Berlioz framework, which you can use in your developments.

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Many PHP functions used in the Berlioz framework, which you can use in your developments.


  • b_array_is_sequential(array $array): bool

    Is sequential array?

  • b_array_merge_recursive(array $arraySrc, array ...$arrays): array

    Merge two or more arrays recursively.

    Difference between native array_merge_recursive() is that b_array_merge_recursive() do not merge strings values into an array.

  • b_array_traverse_exists(&$mixed, string $path): bool

    Traverse array with path and return if path exists.

  • b_array_traverse_get(&$mixed, string $path, $default = null): mixed|null

    Traverse array with path and get value.

  • b_array_traverse_set(&$mixed, string $path, $value): bool

    Traverse array with path and set value.


  • b_human_file_size($size, int $precision = 2): string

    Get a human see file size.

  • b_size_from_ini(string $size): int

    Get size in bytes from ini conf file.


  • b_get_property_value($object, string $property, &$exists = null): mixed

    Get property value with getter method.

  • b_set_property_value($object, string $property, $value): bool

    Set property value with setter method.


  • b_str_random(int $length = 12, int $options = B_STR_RANDOM_NUMBER | B_STR_RANDOM_SPECIAL_CHARACTERS | B_STR_RANDOM_NEED_ALL): string

    Generate an random string.

  • b_nl2p(string $str): string

    Surrounds paragraphs with "P" HTML tag and inserts HTML line breaks before all newlines; in a string.

  • b_str_remove_accents(string $str): string

    Remove accents.

  • b_str_to_uri(string $str): string

    String to URI string.

  • b_minify_html(string $str): string

    Minify HTML string.

  • b_str_truncate(string $str, int $nbCharacters = 128, int $where = B_TRUNCATE_RIGHT, string $separator = '...'): string

    Truncate string.

  • b_parse_str(string $str, bool $keepDots = true): array

    Parses the string into variables.

  • b_pascal_case(string $str): string

    Get pascal case convention of string.

  • b_camel_case(string $str): string

    Get camel case convention of string.

  • b_snake_case(string $str): string

    Get snake case convention of string.

  • b_spinal_case(string $str): string

    Get spinal case convention of string.