A simple runtime package for handling properties on a class

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Adds the ability to add properties to a class at runtime.


Via Composer

$ composer require benrowe/properties


class Sample extends AbstractBase
    public function __construct()
        // do stuff
        // properties now available

     * This method is automatically called by AbstractBase once
     * the constructor has finished executing
    public function configureProperties()

            ->addProperty('complex', 'string', 'default value')
            ->setter(function($value) {
                return trim($value);
            ->getter(function($value) {
                return str_reverse($value);
            ->validate(function ($value) {
                return strlen($value) > 0;


$sample = new Sample;
$sample->simple = 'test';
$sample->undefined = 'newval'; // throws PropertyException "Undefined property 'undefined'"
$sample->complex; // 'default value'
$sample->complex = ''; // throws PropertyException "property 'complex' invalid value on set"
$sample->complex = ' hello world';
echo $sample->complex; //'dlrow olleh';

Each property is defined programatically (at runtime), and requires the class to run this code (with a hook).

Each property can have a

  • name:string
  • data type(s): string
  • validation: string|closure
  • setter: closure
  • getter:string
  • default value (null): mixed
  • value: mixed (depends on data type/validation/setter)


  • add the ability for a setter to reject a value by throwing an exception
  • build custom validation support for setting the value
  • instead of providing a closure for the setter, provide a laravel style validation string.
  • add a helper function to restrict the setter to a list of known values $this->addProperty('key')->isIn(['foo', 'bar']);

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$ composer test


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