A plugin to manage products manufacturers in Sylius.

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Last update: 2022-06-28 17:47:33 UTC


Manage and display your products manufacturers in Sylius.


$ composer require behappy/manufacturer-plugin

Enable the plugin

// in app/AppKernel.php
public function registerBundles() {
	$bundles = array(
		// ...
		new BeHappy\SyliusManufacturerPlugin\BeHappySyliusManufacturerPlugin(),
	// ...
#in app/config/config.yml
    - { resource: "@BeHappySyliusManufacturerPlugin/Resources/config/config.yml" }
# in routing.yml

    resource: '@BeHappySyliusManufacturerPlugin/Resources/config/routing/admin.yml'
    prefix: /admin

Generate database

Simply launch

php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --dump-sql --force

That's it !

You now have a new entry in Admin under configuration tab : Manufacturer

There you can configure your manufacturers, add a logo and description

In the product form, under 'association' tab, you can now link the product to your manufacturer.

Feel free to contribute

You can also ask your questions at the mail address in the composer.json mentioning this package.


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