A low-level tool to backup and restore a full TYPO3 installation

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4.0.1 2021-02-16 15:23 UTC


A low-level tool to backup and restore a full TYPO3 installation

How to use:

  1. Download and install backup_restore in the extension manager Or use composer composer require beechit/backup-restore and install extension in the extension manager

  2. Now you have a set of cli commands to backup and restore a TYPO3 install

    # create a backup
    ./typo3cms backuprestore:create
    # list existing backups
    ./typo3cms backuprestore:list
    # restore a backup
    ./typo3cms backuprestore:restore 2016-05-19_10-16-dd20a00976208b56
    # create backup with specific name
    ./typo3cms backuprestore:create kickstart


TYPO3 >= 10.3 ext:typo3_console >= 6.0.0


If no backup path is given the controller tries to create a folder named backups 1 level below the web root. When this isn't possible a folder named backups is created in typo3temp. Make sure to secure this folder!

Additional config:

The following ENV variables can be used to define custom paths to the needed binaries:

path_tar_bin="/usr/bin/tar" path_mysqldump_bin="/usr/bin/mysqldump" path_mysql_bin="/usr/bin/mysql"