RAD related functionality for usage in Symfony.

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8.4.2 2021-02-22 13:36 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-04-22 14:03:51 UTC


This bundle provides RAD related functionality for the usage in Symfony.

⚠️ New Composer package name

This bundle has been renamed from becklyn/rad-bundle to becklyn/rad for v8.0. Versions <=7.x are still available under becklyn/rad-bundle.

AJAX Protocol

This bundle uses a default AJAX protocol, that is used in the AjaxResponseBuilder and can be used for your project. The ajax call will always return an error 200, as it shouldn't flood the error tracking (with error 400 AJAX request).

The protocol looks like this:

interface AjaxResponse
     * Whether the call succeeded.
    ok: boolean;

     * Any string status, like "ok" or "invalid-id" that
     * you can react to in your code (if you need to).
    status: string;

     * The response data.
    data: Record<number|string, any> | Array<any>;

     * A redirect target, where the AJAX handler should 
     * redirect to.
    redirect?: string;

     * A toast message with optional type and action target.
    message?: {
        text: string;
        impact: "positive" | "negative" | "neutral";
        action?: {
            label: string;
            url: string;

There is a corresponding fetch client implementation in mojave that can be used. This type above is also available as generic TypeScript type in mojave.

Form Extensions

This bundle automatically adds several form extensions.

Collection Labels Extension

This extension adds three additional optional labels for Collection form fields:

  • empty_message is displayed if there is no entry.
  • entry_add_label is the label of the "add entry" button.
  • entry_remove_label is the label of every "remove entry" button.