Provides a Component for Thing Domain Model.

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v1.0.11 2020-03-29 01:05 UTC


  1. Remove vendor folder as well as composer.lock file
  2. composer update
  3. Copy require-dev from symfony skeleton to package's composer.json's require-dev
  4. composer require symfony/property-access --dev
  5. composer require dama/doctrine-test-bundle --dev
  6. composer req orm --dev
  7. composer req test --dev

How to prepare for Dev

  1. Copy this block of code and paste it to composer.json under replace:
        "paragonie/random_compat": "2.*",
        "symfony/polyfill-ctype": "*",
        "symfony/polyfill-iconv": "*",
        "symfony/polyfill-php72": "*",
        "symfony/polyfill-php71": "*",
        "symfony/polyfill-php70": "*",
        "symfony/polyfill-php56": "*"
  1. composer install
  2. Open .env.test.local paste these lines into it
    • DATABASE_URL="sqlite:///%kernel.project_dir%/var/app.db"
  3. Change the src folder name in services.yaml to src-symfony
  4. Add "App\\": "src-symfony/", to psr-4 under autoload-dev
  5. Move generated folders and Kernel.php to src-symfony
  6. Copy the following snippet to doctrine.yaml under mappings configuration
                 is_bundle: false
                 type: annotation
                 dir: '%kernel.project_dir%/tests/Doctrine/Orm'
                 prefix: 'Bean\Tests\Thing\Doctrine\Orm'
                 alias: App

Dev Workflow

  1. Make change to code
  2. php bin/phpunit