This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Robo build configuration for internal use in BCA projects.

1.2.6 2015-05-19 02:56 UTC


Important Notice: This repository, while open source, is not generally well-suited for use in the projects of other agencies or individuals without significant modification. That being said we encourage you to fork and use it in part or in whole as you see fit.

What is it?

Designed for internal use in BCA projects, Architect is the Phing build template on top of which we create our project build files. It's not a copy and paste job either! We require this package via Composer and import it directly into the project build file, which can then modify the tasks and add its own without having to reinvent the wheel.

System Requirements

Getting Started

  1. Run the following commands in the CLI:

      composer require --dev bca/architect:~1.2
      phing -f vendor/bca/architect/build.default.xml buildfile
  2. Optional Run phing init to create a good starting point. This command will:

    • Copy the default build.properties file to the root of your project.
    • Set the name of the project based upon the name of your directory.
    • Symlink your Git pre-commit hook to the phing scm task.

From now on you can run phing to run the default tasks or you can run tasks individually by name. (i.e. phing phpcs or phing phpunit)

If you have a CI server you can have it execute phing default-ci to run CI-specific versions of each task that generate extra log files, which can then be used by the system to track your project. Logs are written to build/logs by default.


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