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The recommended way to install the library is through Composer:

$ composer require basis-company/opentelemetry


Library is under active development, but simple example should be present in readme.
In addition, see tracing tests for full-featured example.


use OpenTelemetry\Tracing\Builder;
use OpenTelemetry\Tracing\SpanContext;

$spanContext = SpanContext::generate(); // or extract from headers

$tracer = Builder::create()->setSpanContext($spanContext)->getTracer();

// start a span, register some events
$span = $tracer->createSpan('session.generate');

// set attributes as array
$span->setAttributes([ 'remote_ip' => '' ]);
// set attribute one by one
$span->setAttribute('country', 'Russia');

$span->addEvent('found_login', [
  'id' => 67235,
  'username' => 'nekufa',
$span->addEvent('generated_session', [
  'id' => md5(microtime(true))

$span->end(); // pass status as an optional argument


To make sure the tests in this repo work as you expect, you can use the included docker test wrapper:

1.) Make sure that you have docker installed
2.) Execute ./resources/test-using-docker from your bash compatible shell.