Build dynamic modal dialogs for your Inertia-powered Laravel apps

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Momentum Modal is a Laravel package that lets you implement backend-driven modal dialogs for Inertia apps.

Define modal routes on the backend and dynamically render them when you visit a dialog route.

Check out the demo app demonstrating the Modal package in action.



Install the package into your Laravel app.

composer require based/momentum-modal

Vue 3

The frontend package is only for Vue 3 now due to its adoption within the Laravel community.

Install the frontend package.

npm i momentum-modal
# or
yarn add momentum-modal

The package utilizes axios under the hood. If your app is already using axios as a dependency, make sure to lock it to the same version Inertia uses.

npm i axios@1.2.0


Modal is a headless component, meaning you have full control over its look, whether it's a modal dialog or a slide-over panel. You are free to use any 3rd-party solutions to power your modals, such as Headless UI.

Put the Modal component somewhere within the layout.

<script setup>
import { Modal } from 'momentum-modal'

        <!-- layout -->
        <Modal />

Set up a modal plugin with the same component resolver you use to render Inertia pages.


import { modal } from "momentum-modal"

  resolve: (name) => resolvePageComponent(name, import.meta.glob("./Pages/**/*.vue")),
  setup({ el, app, props, plugin }) {
    createApp({ render: () => h(app, props) })
      .use(modal, {
        resolve: (name) => resolvePageComponent(name, import.meta.glob("./Pages/**/*.vue")),

Laravel Mix

import { modal } from "momentum-modal"

  resolve: (name) => require(`./Pages/${name}`),
  setup({ el, App, props, plugin }) {
    createApp({ render: () => h(App, props) })
      .use(modal, {
        resolve: (name) => import(`./Pages/${name}`),


Modals have their own routes, letting you access them even via direct URLs. Define routes for your modal pages.

// background context / base page
Route::get('{user}', ShowUser::class)

// modal route
Route::get('{user}/{tweet}', ShowTweet::class)

Render a modal from a controller. Specify the base route to render the background when the modal is accessed directly.

class ShowTweet extends Controller
    public function __invoke(User $user, Tweet $tweet)
        return Inertia::modal('Tweets/Show')
                'user' => $user,
                'tweet' => $tweet,
            ->baseRoute('', $user);

Find the example frontend implementation here.

Advanced Inertia


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Momentum is a set of packages designed to improve your experience building Inertia-powered apps.

  • Modal — Build dynamic modal dialogs for Inertia apps
  • Preflight — Realtime backend-driven validation for Inertia apps
  • Paginator — Headless wrapper around Laravel Pagination
  • Trail — Frontend package to use Laravel routes with Inertia
  • Lock — Frontend package to use Laravel permissions with Inertia
  • Layout — Persistent layouts for Vue 3 apps
  • Vite Plugin Watch — Vite plugin to run shell commands on file changes




The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.