Monolog handler wrapper that filters records based on a list of callback functions

2.1.0 2022-07-11 15:59 UTC

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This handler works with PHP 7.2 or above, use release 1.0.0 for PHP 5.3+ support


The recommended way to install this library is through composer. If you don't know yet what is composer, have a look on introduction.

composer require bartlett/monolog-callbackfilterhandler


  • release 1.0.0 is not maintained except for bug report, and will accept only Monolog v1.
  • release 2.0.0 is the current active version, and accept only Monolog v2



  • This handler obey first to basic Monolog rules as handler level and bubble.
  • Then, in second time, logs are filtered by rules defined in one or more callback functions.

Main difference with FilterHandler included in standard Monolog distribution since version 1.8.0

  • FilterHandler can just filter records and only allow those of a given list of levels through to the wrapped handler.
  • CallbackFilterHandler may filter records to the wrapped handler, on each standard record elements including extra data and logging context.


Here is a basic setup to log all events to a file and most important to another one (or notify by mail). See examples/basic.php file.


  • Laurent Laville (Lead Developer)
  • Christophe Coevoet (suggested the code base on discussion of Monolog PR#411)


This handler is licensed under the BSD-3-clauses License - see the LICENSE file for details