Integrates the Symfony full-stack framework into TYPO3

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4.0.2 2023-09-07 07:04 UTC


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Welcome to the BartacusBundle - the Symfony bundle which integrates the Symfony full stack framework into your TYPO3 CMS.

What Bartacus Bundle does


  • Enables bartacus.make_instance tagging for services to be added to the DI container
  • Enables Symfony error handler in dev context instead of TYPO3 error handler
  • Enables dependency injection for UpgradeWizardInterface implementation
  • Auto-mapping of application specific Extbase models and repositories

Content Element Rendering

  • Adds the @ContentElement() annotation and builds the TypoScript config for each element
  • Injects tt_content Extbase models to Symfony controllers
  • Extracts the Symfony response of each controller back to TYPO3 content
  • Handles 404 Not Found exceptions thrown by Symfony controllers

Request Handling

  • Unifies the _locale for TYPO3 and Symfony requests
  • Symfony route detection and execution within TYPO3 stack
  • Re-orders TYPO3 redirect and route resolver middlewares