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JSON-RPC Server bundle

This bundle provides JSON-RPC 2.0 server ontop of the bankiru/rpc-server-bundle library.


This bundle uses rpc.view event in order to serialize response if request was instance of JsonRpcRequestInterface and the response is not a JsonRpcResponseInterface object. You can bypass the serialization process with sending pre-created response object or implementing your own view listener


This library utilizes JMS Serializer Bundle to automatically serialize non-JSON-RPC controller response to serialized view. You can specify the serialization context at the routing level. Also you could disable default context usage with with_default_context: false

Exception handling

Any unhandled exception from the controller would be automatically converted to the proper JSON-RPC failure response with INTERNAL_ERROR (-32603) code. If you want do display other error you could extend JsonRpcException class or configure it manually like following:

$exception = new JsonRpcException();
    new JsonRpcError(
        'Invalid method',
        (object)['debug_data' => 'some debug data']


Refer to official JSON-RPC 2.0 specification at