A Laravel Nova tool to manage application settings.

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Store and edit simple app-wide settings right in Nova. Settings are stored as JSON using spatie/valuestore, making them really easy to pull in and use everywhere else in your app.

Settings Tool screenshot


Install the package via Composer in any Laravel app using Nova:

composer require bakerkretzmar/nova-settings-tool

Nova Settings Tool v2 requires Nova 4—for older versions of Nova, use v1 of this package.

Publish the default configuration file to config/nova-settings-tool.php:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="nova-settings-tool"

Register the tool with Nova in the tools method of your NovaServiceProvider:

// in app/Providers/NovaServiceProvider.php

use Bakerkretzmar\NovaSettingsTool\SettingsTool;

    // ...

    public function tools()
        return [
            new SettingsTool,


Settings are declared in a nova-settings-tool.php config file. This file specifies where settings are stored, what the tool’s title is in Nova’s sidebar, the layout of the settings page, and metadata about the settings themselves.

A default config file with some helpful examples is included as a starting point:

Each item in the settings array is rendered as an input with a label and help text, similar to one of Nova’s fields. Settings can also be grouped into panels, to separate them visually.

The settings’ actual values are stored as JSON at the location specified in the config file—storage/app/settings.json by default.

There are currently six available setting types:

  • text: Single-line text input
  • textarea: Multi-line text input
  • toggle: Boolean switch
  • code: CodeMirror text editor
  • number: Number input
  • select: Single-select dropdown

All strings in this package, and any you pass to it, can easily be translated using Laravel’s built-in localization features.

This tool also fires an event any time any settings are changed, with all the old and new settings attached.


The following features are planned or in development:

  • color setting type
  • date setting type
  • file setting type
  • setting validation