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Ever wanted to see WHO changed WHAT and WHEN inside your app? Want to remember all the DB changes your users have done? Well... this package doesn't do that. spatie/laravel-activitylog does, and does it very well. This package adds a web interface for it, for projects using Backpack for Laravel. It gives your admin/superadmin the ability to see

  • the activities performed by certain models;
  • the activities performed on certain models;
  • and more;

How does it all work? Well:

  • when a change happens to an Eloquent model, the Spatie package will make a note of it in the database;
  • this package adds a web interface, so the admin can see the changes (aka activity log);


NOTE: The filters are a Backpack\PRO feature. If you don't have that package the filters won't be available.


Try it right now, in our online demo. Edit some entities, and check the activity logs.


In your Laravel + Backpack project, install this package:

# install this interface package:
composer require backpack/activity-log

# add a menu item for it
php artisan backpack:add-menu-content "<x-backpack::menu-item title=\"Activity Logs\" icon=\"la la-stream\" :link=\"backpack_url('activity-log')\" />"

But also, if your package didn't already have spatie/laravel-activitylog installed and set up, please follow the installation steps in their docs. We'll also copy-paste them here, for your convenience:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Spatie\Activitylog\ActivitylogServiceProvider" --tag="activitylog-config"
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Spatie\Activitylog\ActivitylogServiceProvider" --tag="activitylog-migrations"
php artisan migrate


Note: If your models are not configured to create activity logs yet, read the FAQ on how to log all model events. If you are unsure, then you have not configured them to log activities - read it.

ActivityLog list view

Use it to browse all activity, filter the view, search the view, etc:

Backpack ActivityLog list view

ActivityLog show view

Use it to see details about a particular activity:

Backpack ActivityLog show view

CrudController operations

If you want your CrudControllers to show links to their activities, just use one or both of the provided Backpack operations:

  • ModelActivityOperation: Displays a general button, allowing users to see a comprehensive list of all activities for that Model.
  • EntryActivityOperation: Adds line buttons to each entry in the list, enabling users to view activity logs specific to individual entries.

ModelActivityOperation - on a CrudController, display a link to that Model's activity log

Say you have a UserCrudController. If you want a new button to show up next to the Add User button, that will take you to all of the activities of all Users, then use \Backpack\ActivityLog\Http\Controllers\Operations\ModelActivityOperation on your UserCrudController.


namespace App\Http\Controllers\Admin;


class ArticleCrudController extends CrudController
+    use \Backpack\ActivityLog\Http\Controllers\Operations\ModelActivityOperation;

EntryActivityOperation - on a CrudController, display a link to each entry's activity log

Say you have a UserCrudController. If you want a new button to show up next each entry, that will take you to all of the activities of that entry, then use \Backpack\ActivityLog\Http\Controllers\Operations\EntryActivityOperation on your UserCrudController.


namespace App\Http\Controllers\Admin;


class ArticleCrudController extends CrudController
+    use \Backpack\ActivityLog\Http\Controllers\Operations\EntryActivityOperation;


What gets logged by default?

By default, the nothing gets logged. Please configure spatie/laravel-activitylog to do the logging according to your needs. See the question below for the most common use case.

How to log model events (created, updated, deleted etc)

Note: this is NOT a feature that is provided by this package. It's provided by spatie/laravel-activitylog. But we try to help document the most common use case we have found, so it's easier for you to do it.

You want a new Activity registered, whenever a model is created, updated, deleted etc? So that there's a record of WHO did WHAT and WHEN it happened? Here's how you can set up spatie/laravel-activitylog to log all model events.

Step 1. Create a new model trait at App\Models\Traits\LogsActivity.php with the following content:


namespace App\Models\Traits;

use Spatie\Activitylog\LogOptions;
use Spatie\Activitylog\Traits\LogsActivity as OriginalLogsActivity;

trait LogsActivity
    use OriginalLogsActivity;

     * Spatie Log Options
     * By default will log only the changes between fillables
     * @return LogOptions
    public function getActivitylogOptions(): LogOptions
        return LogOptions::defaults()->logAll()->logOnlyDirty();

Step 2. Use that trait on all Models where you want all events logged:


namespace App\Models;

+use App\Models\Traits\LogsActivity;
use Backpack\CRUD\app\Models\Traits\CrudTrait;

class Article extends Model
    use CrudTrait;
+   use LogsActivity;

Notice that this trait extends the default Spatie\Activitylog\Traits\LogsActivity and defines the getActivitylogOptions() method providing some reasonable defaults. If you want to customize, see details here and options here.

How do you customize what gets logged?

To customize the logged information, you can override the getActivitylogOptions method in your models.

public function getActivitylogOptions(): LogOptions
    return LogOptions::defaults()

Can I customize the logs even further?

Yes, you can! The Spatie laravel-activitylog package offers a range of advanced customization options. For detailed insights into these options, check out the official Log Options documentation by Spatie, at

I am using backpack/permission-manager so I don't have access to UserCrudController

If you haven't customized your UserCrudController yet, you can achieve this by binding the Backpack controller to your custom controller. In your App\Providers\AppServiceProvider.php:

class AppServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
    public function register()

Then in your App\Http\Controllers\Admin\UserCrudController.php you can do something like:

use Backpack\PermissionManager\app\Http\Controllers\UserCrudController as OriginalUserCrudController;

class UserCrudController extends OriginalUserCrudController
    use \Backpack\ActivityLog\Http\Controllers\Operations\ModelActivityOperation;
    use \Backpack\ActivityLog\Http\Controllers\Operations\EntryActivityOperation;


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



This project was released under MIT License, so you can install it on top of any Backpack & Laravel project. Please see the license file for more information.