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1.4.3 2023-11-22 22:41 UTC

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Silverstripe Weblog is a basic blogging framework. The core package doesn't contain complicated permissions, authors, comments, tags or categories. These features can be added separately if necessary & when needed through extensions such as weblog-categories.

The Silverstripe Weblog module was built from the ground up, however is based on the Silverstripe Blog module, and borrows some ideas and methods from the project.


  • Basic foundation for blog and blog posts
  • A single custom "Weblog" permissions group CMS_ACCESS_Weblog
  • Scheduled blog posts
  • Featured image for blog posts
  • Integrated with silverstripe/lumberjack for easy post management
  • Blog RSS
  • Open Graph meta tags



silverstripe/cms: ^4.0 || ^5.0

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