PHP implementation of API.

1.0.1 2017-06-29 13:35 UTC


PHP implementation of API.


composer require axima/sms-gate


use Axima\SmsGate\Client;
use GuzzleHttp\Client as GuzzleClient;

$client = new Client(new GuzzleClient, 'login', 'password');
$client->sendSms(123456789, 'Hello there!');

To request confirmation, you can also provide third parameter to method sendSms, like this:

$client->sendSms(123456789, 'Hello there!', TRUE);

Setting it to FALSE disables confirmation for this SMS. Setting it to NULL will use user's default settings.

4th parameter can be used to schedule sending of SMS.

$client->sendSms(123456789, 'Hello there!', TRUE, new DateTime('+10 minutes'));

Bug reports, feature requests

Please use GitHub issue tracker / pull requests.