Automatically append accessors to model serialization

1.0.8 2023-07-02 01:38 UTC


Eloquent Auto Append automatically appends your accessors to model serialization without having you to explicitly specify them in the $appends array.

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The recommended way to install Eloquent Auto Append is through Composer

$ composer require awobaz/eloquent-auto-append

Note: Eloquent Auto Append requires Laravel 5.4+.


Using the Awobaz\AutoAppend\Database\Eloquent\Model class

Simply make your model class derive from the Awobaz\AutoAppend\Database\Eloquent\Model base class. The Awobaz\AutoAppend\Database\Eloquent\Model extends the Eloquent base class without changing its core functionality.

Using the Awobaz\AutoAppend\AutoAppend trait

If for some reasons you can't derive your models from Awobaz\AutoAppend\Database\Eloquent\Model, you may take advantage of the Awobaz\AutoAppend\AutoAppend trait. Simply use the trait in your models.

Disable Auto Append

You may disable Auto Append on a model by setting it's property $autoAppend to false

protected $autoAppend = false;


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Unit Tests

In order to run the test suite, install the development dependencies:

$ composer install --dev

Then, run the following command:

$ vendor/bin/phpunit


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Eloquent Auto Append is licensed under the MIT License.