Currency exchange rates framework for PHP

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Currency exchange rates framework for PHP

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Exchanger is a PHP framework to work with currency exchange rates.

Looking for a simple library based on Exchanger ? Check out Swap !


The documentation can be found here.


Here is the list of the currently implemented services.

Service Base Currency Quote Currency Historical
Fixer * * Yes
European Central Bank EUR * Yes
Google * * No
Open Exchange Rates USD (free), * (paid) * Yes
Xignite * * Yes
Yahoo * * No
WebserviceX * * No
National Bank of Romania RON * No
Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey * TRY No
Central Bank of the Czech Republic * CZK No
Russian Central Bank * RUB Yes
currencylayer USD (free), * (paid) * Yes



The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.