Awes.IO build based on Laravel Framework.

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Platform for Interactive Business Applications

10x faster to create than the traditional way • 3x increase application experiences • 60% decrease in development cost

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  • Free and Open-Source
  • 34 ready-to-use dedicated open-source packages
  • Awesome interface with a dark mode as an out-of-the-box feature
  • Easy to customize, based on Laravel & Vue.js
  • Well-designed for CRM, ERP, SaaS, Admin Dashboards, and Startups
  • Simple support of the applications

Online Demo

Introduction is a platform that provides an awesome UI interface and list of packages to build custom interactive web applications.

Quick Start

1. Try It Out

We have developed the Demo for approximately 1 day. It's really a fast presentation what could be created based on the platform.

Go to Live Demo

2. Install Demo to your machine

When you are satisfied with the demo online version and want to start coding, we have prepared for you a docker-compose build for quick installation. Everything is ready for your experiments. 🧪

Go to repository with demo.

3. Build your "Hello World" application

If you have played enough in the demo on your local machine, you can install an empty build and create your first hello world app.

Go to installation guide

Available Packages

All packages from the table are ready to install within Composer. Unfortunately, we have a limit of resources and have not published all list of packages to GitHub yet. Most parts of it located in our private repositories. We are working hard to open them as quickly as possible.

For installation the packages you have to create a project on Package Kit (it's free) and add the packages to your project. Then it will be ready by the Composer.

Package        Version        Downloads          Framework
The basic and two-factor authentications, as well as the possibility to log in by using a social network account.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Auto Captcha
Shows Google reCAPTCHA automatically, depending on API request frequency, to prevents DoS and Brute Force attacks
Last version Downloads Laravel
Awes SPA
Transformation of to Single-page application.
Last version Downloads vue
Base js
A minimalistic bundle, that includes shared JS methods, common event bus, and also provides functionality for other component modules registration
Last version Downloads vue
Simple billing system to use it on the platform.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Billing Paypal
Billing integration with PayPal.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Billing Stripe
Billing integration with Stripe.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Chart Builder
Vue.js module for building Charts based on chart.js
Last version Downloads vue
Context Menu
A dropdown menu component with extended functionality, like pushing GET-params in browser query string and sending AJAX requests
Last version Downloads vue
Crop Image
Vue.js module for cropping and resizing images on the client.
Last version Downloads Laravel
This package provides an easy way to create beautiful documentation for your product or application inside your Laravel app.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Filter Wrapper
The component allows form-builder to send data to the address bar of the browser.
Last version Downloads vue
Form Builder
A component that allows creating forms with two-way binding from data object with default HTML fields and custom, like multi-block or AJAX-select
Last version Downloads vue
GEO Location
Checking location based on IP user.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Google Cloud Images
Image server for Google Cloud App for cropping and delivery images.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Indigo Layout
Basic styles and components set for building user interfaces.
Last version Downloads vue
Localization Helper
Helper packages for simple translating of the interfaces.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Subscriptions, Blacklist, Logging - everything that you need for mail.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Modal Window
Modal window component, with HTML5-history navigation
Last version Downloads vue
Build any menus in the project.
Last version Downloads Laravel
The package which enables to create news announcements and to combine them in categories, and etc.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Helper Laravel package for building backend structure for the app.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Page Map
Automatically creates anchor-links navigation from provided content.
Last version Downloads vue
The package allows to add permissions to roles and roles to users.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Library with pre-configured reports to build charts on the pages.
Last version Downloads Laravel
The package which implements the repository pattern with the possibility to select data by means of criteria and filters - both basic, initial filters and new one's design by the developer.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Sticky Params
Vue.js module to save filter results and reinstall it after reloading the page.
Last version Downloads vue
System Notify
4 types of notifications for the
Last version Downloads vue
Tab Builder
A component for tabs with responsive navigation
Last version Downloads vue
Table Builder
A component that allows creating responsive HTML tables or lists from data object
Last version Downloads vue
Simple packages for building tag system for any models.
Last version Downloads Laravel
Theme Switcher
Helper component for setting light or dark theme on a website which stores it is value in Cookie
Last version Downloads vue
Virtual Tour
It provides a quick and easy way to guide your users through your application.
Last version Downloads vue


The build inside of the repository does not exist any backend logic. The build is needed if you would like to start a new project.

👽️ if you see this system for the first time, we strongly recommend installing our demo first!

Via Installer utilizes Composer to manage its dependencies. So, before using, make sure you have Composer installed on your machine.

First, download the installer using Composer:

composer global require awes-io/installer

Make sure to place composer's system-wide vendor bin directory in your $PATH so the awes-io executable can be located by your system. This directory exists in different locations based on your operating system; however, some common locations include:

  • macOS: $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin, command: export PATH=~/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH
  • GNU / Linux Distributions: $HOME/.config/composer/vendor/bin
  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Composer\vendor\bin

Once installed, the awes-io new command will create a fresh installation in the directory you specify. For instance, awes-io new crm will create a directory named crm containing a fresh installation with all of's dependencies already installed:

awes-io new crm

Manual installation

For the fast start, we recommend using AwesIO Installer. If for some reason it's not an option, please follow the instruction:

  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Create a project by the link:
  3. Copy project's API key and save it to your composer.json
  4. composer install
  5. Done! 🍺


Full documentation please follow to official website of

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