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IDEntity (identification entities) is objects with implemented methods of validation, normalization, and optional automatic type determination.


Require this package with composer using the next command:

$ composer require avto-dev/identity-laravel "^5.0"

Installed composer is required. To install composer, please click here.

Please note that you need to fix the major version of the package.

After that you can "publish" configuration file (./config/identity.php) using next command:

$ ./artisan vendor:publish --provider="AvtoDev\IDEntity\ServiceProvider"


Below you can find some usage examples.

Type detection:

use AvtoDev\IDEntity\IDEntity;

IDEntity::is('JF1SJ5LC5DG048667', IDEntity::ID_TYPE_VIN); // true
IDEntity::is('A123AA177', IDEntity::ID_TYPE_VIN); // false

IDEntity::is('JF1SJ5LC5DG048667', IDEntity::ID_TYPE_GRZ); // false
IDEntity::is('A123AA177', IDEntity::ID_TYPE_GRZ); // true

IDEntity::is('14:36:102034:2256', IDEntity::ID_TYPE_CADASTRAL_NUMBER); // true
IDEntity::is('JF1SJ5LC5DG048667', IDEntity::ID_TYPE_CADASTRAL_NUMBER); // false

$valid_vin = IDEntity::make('JF1SJ5LC5DG048667', IDEntity::ID_TYPE_VIN);
$valid_vin->isValid(); // true

$invalid_vin = IDEntity::make('SOME INVALID', IDEntity::ID_TYPE_VIN);
$invalid_vin->isValid(); // false

Entities creation:

use AvtoDev\IDEntity\IDEntity;
use AvtoDev\IDEntity\Types\IDEntityCadastralNumber;

$vin = IDEntity::make('JF1SJ5LC5DG048667');
$vin->getType();  // 'VIN'
$vin->getValue(); // 'JF1SJ5LC5DG048667'
$vin->isValid();  // true
\get_class($vin); // 'AvtoDev\IDEntity\Types\IDEntityVin'

$cadastral_number = new IDEntityCadastralNumber('10:01:0030104:691');
$cadastral_number->getType(); // 'CADNUM'
$cadastral_number->isValid(); // true

Some typed entity classes contains a lot of additional methods for a working with passed value.

Value normalization:

use AvtoDev\IDEntity\IDEntity;
use AvtoDev\IDEntity\Types\IDEntityVin;

$vin = new IDEntityVin(' jf1SJ5LC5DG048 667');
$vin->getValue(); // 'JF1SJ5LC5DG048667'

IDEntity::make('  a123аY777', IDEntity::ID_TYPE_GRZ)->getValue(); // 'А123АУ777'

Value masking:


use AvtoDev\IDEntity\Types\IDEntityVin;

$vin = IDEntityVin::make('JF1SJ5LC5DG048667');
$vin->getMaskedValue(2, 4);      // JF***********8667
$vin->getMaskedValue(4, 2, '_'); // JF1S___________67


For package testing we use phpunit framework and docker-ce + docker-compose as develop environment. So, just write into your terminal after repository cloning:

$ make build
$ make latest # or 'make lowest'
$ make test

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If you will find any package errors, please, make an issue in current repository.


This is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT License.