An image manager for the Micrus framework

v4.0.0 2018-01-28 10:27 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-29 03:22:23 UTC


This is a module for Micrus framework that allows you to integrate it with Imagine in a similar way that LiipImagineBundle does in Symfony.

This module lets you define image generators that will automatically apply a set of filters to the specified images and cache the result.



composer require avris/micrus-imagine

Then register the module in your App\App:registerModules:

yield new \Avris\Micrus\Imagine\ImagineModule;


Let's say you want to allow users to attach images to their posts. Whatever they upload, you will save the originals in var/attachments/ folder, but you only want to display it as a 200x200 thumbnail with a watermark in the bottom left corner.

Configure the module in the config/imagine.yml, for instance like that:

source: '%PROJECT_DIR%/var/attachments' # default: '%PROJECT_DIR%/var/pics'
    thumbnail: { size: [200, 200], mode: outbound }
    watermark: { image: assets/images/logo.png, size: 10%, position: bottomright }

You created a thumb generator that applies two filteres to the original image: thumbnail and watermark.

Now, wherever you wish to display the thumbnail, put such code there:

<img src="{{ post.file|imagine('thumb') }}"/>

It will generate a URL which will point either to a generated image (if it already exists) or to a controller that will generate it.

The built-in list of filters is copied from LiipImagineBundle (MIT).

Extending the module

To create your own filter, just implement Avris\Micrus\Imagine\Filter\LoaderInterface (imagineFilter).