A collection of helpful build scripts for the WordPress VIP staff.

1.0.7 2021-11-26 14:04 UTC


A collection of helpful scripts to be used in CI jobs.


Make sure you have composer installed.


To get setup run the following command in the vip-build-scripts directory:

composer install

Script: Changelog

Extracts changelog information from the last closed Pull Request description and sends a request to a WordPress posts endpoint.


Option Description Required / Optional Default Value
wp-endpoint The WordPress posts endpoint the changelog will be posted at. Required
start-marker The text marker used to find the start of the changelog description inside the PR description. Optional <h2>Changelog Description
end-marker The text marker used to find the end of the changelog description inside the PR description. Optional <h2>
wp-status The WordPress post status. Optional draft
wp-tag-ids A comma separated list of WordPress tag ids to add to the post. Optional
link-to-pr Wether or not to include the link to the PR in the post. Optional true

Environment Variables

Most of these variables are already built-in by CircleCI.

Option Description Required / Optional
CIRCLE_PROJECT_USERNAME The GitHub username of the current project. Required
CIRCLE_PROJECT_REPONAME The name of the repository of the current project. Required
CHANGELOG_POST_TOKEN auth token required to post to the endpoint. Required
GITHUB_TOKEN The GitHub personal acess token needed to read private repositories. Optional

Usage Example

An example CircleCI Workflow is available here.

The example does NOT have a valid WP TOKEN so no entry will be published.

To run the example you can use circleci-cli: circleci local execute --job create-changelog-draft --config examples/changelog-circleci-config.yml