phpDocumentor v3 template that generates Markdown documentation for Github.

1.0.4 2023-02-02 19:00 UTC


phpDocumentor v3 template that generates Markdown documentation.

This is a heavily modified version of a phpDocumentor v2 markdown template.

The main use-case for this template is to generate simple and nice looking usage documentation, that can then be published on GitHub/GitLab.

For example, a small library can document it's public API in DocBlock comments, use this template to generate the Markdown documentation and then commit it to GitHub with the library to easily create a nice looking documentation for other developers to see.


Install with composer:

composer require automattic/phpdoc-markdown


Run phpDocumentor and set template as vendor/automattic/phpdoc-markdown/data/templates/markdown. Example using configuration file:

Add a file called phpdoc.xml (or phpdoc.dist.xml) with the following content to the root of your project and invoke the phpdoc command without arguments. Modify the configuration to suit your project. You can read more about phpDocumentor v3 configuration here.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<phpdocumentor configVersion="3.0">
    <template name="vendor/automattic/phpdoc-markdown/data/templates/markdown" />

After you've created the configuration file, you can now run phpdoc without arguments, then run the php script to fix the generated files.

./vendor/bin/phpdoc && php ./vendor/automattic/phpdoc-markdown/bin/html-to-md.php --dir="docs"

Or, you can add it to your composer.json scripts section, this is how I do it.

"scripts": {
    "phpdoc": [
        "export COMPOSER_PROCESS_TIMEOUT=9000",
    "phpdoc-run": "vendor/bin/phpdoc -v",
    "phpdoc-fix": "php vendor/automattic/phpdoc-markdown/bin/html-to-md.php"

Then run:

composer phpdoc