An Automad extension package skeleton for developers

dev-default 2018-11-16 19:12 UTC


You can use this package as a skeleton for new Automad extensions. Just adapt a couple of items following the naming convention below to setup autoloading.

Naming Convention and Autoloading

Following an existing naming scheme for Composer packages, the name in composer.json should be lowercase and dashes should be used to separate words. That rule does't apply to PHP classes and functions, since dashes are not allowed here.

However, to keep things as simple as possible, extensions will be autoloaded by their namespace and class name. It is not required to setup autoloading in your composer.json. Therefore it is important to understand and follow the naming scheme described below. Note that the file name of your PHP class must be lowercase.

Package name:   you/awesome-extension
Class file:     packages/you/awesomeextension/awesomeextension.php
Namespace:      You
Class:          AwesomeExtension 
Method:         AwesomeExtension()