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Simple static Composer repository generator.

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GitHub Private Organisation Support

I have few private GitHub organisations which have many private composer libraries, and Satis requires to add them all one by one in satis.json file, which is pretty annoying if you have more than few libraries.

So I forked Satis project and added Github Organisation support by running GitHub API V4 GraphQL query to fetch all repositories with composer.json file if it exists and add that repository into repository list programmatically.

For authentication, it uses Composer Github OAuth Token so no additional configuration is required.

  "name": "Satis Repository",
  "homepage": "",
  "repositories": [
  "github-organisations": ["composer"],
  "require-all": true,
  "output-dir": "./public"

Run from source

Satis requires a recent PHP version, it does not run with unsupported PHP versions. Check the composer.json file for details.

  • Install satis: composer create-project aurimasniekis/gsatis:dev-master
  • Build a repository: php bin/satis build <configuration-file> <output-directory>

Read the more detailed instructions in the documentation.


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Fork the project, create a feature branch, and send us a pull request.

If you introduce a new feature, or fix a bug, please try to include a testcase.


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Community Tools

  • satis-go - A simple web server for managing Satis configuration and hosting the generated Composer repository.
  • satisfy - Symfony based composer repository manager with a simple web UI.
  • satis-control-panel - Simple web UI for managing your Satis Repository with optional CI integration.
  • composer-satis-builder - Simple tool for updating the Satis configuration (satis.json) "require" key on the basis of the project composer.json.



Satis is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details