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Product category url fix for Magento 2

1.2.6 2021-05-08 14:57 UTC

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Last update: 2022-12-08 18:52:45 UTC


Fix Magento 2 core behaviour on product category url generation. By default Magento 2 generates product urls containing categories even if Use Categories Path for Product URLs is turned off. This modules prevents the generation of those urls if the aforementioned setting is set to No.

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System requirements

This extension supports the following versions of Magento:

  • Community Edition (CE) versions 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x and 2.4.x


  1. Require the module via Composer
$ composer require aune-io/magento2-product-category-url-fix
  1. Enable the module
$ bin/magento module:enable Aune_ProductCategoryUrlFix
$ bin/magento setup:upgrade
  1. Login to the admin
  2. Go to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Search Engine Optimization
  3. Set Use Categories Path for Product URLs to No, or to use the default value

Product category urls won't be generated for new products, plus old urls will be deleted for a product when it is saved after a change associated categories or websites.

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Licensed under the Open Software License version 3.0