Audith Softworks Nexway Merchant API PHP Client

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Nexway API implementation in PHP (by Shahriyar Imanov at Audith Softworks)

This library implements Nexway's WSDL/SOAP powered API interface, using PHP's OOP facilities.

What is this repository for?

  • Before being able to use this library, you need working Test configuration access token to Nexway WebServices interface. For production environment, you will need the Live configuration token as well.
  • Once Nexway's access tokens have been acquired, enter them in /src/Audith/Providers/Nexway/config.ini file, in appropriate sections.
  • Check out Unit-tests in /tests folder for use-cases.

How to run Unit-tests?

Composer configuration file includes phpunit/phpunit package for development purposes. Once composer install has been executed, PHPUnit library files will be fetched.

Run following command to execute unit-tests: ./vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit --verbose --colors --strict --debug tests/

How to build Documentation using PHPDocumentor?

Again, as in the case of PHPUnit, we also have included PHPDocumentor in Composer configuration file. Once libraries are installed, run following command to build Documentation:

./vendor/phpdocumentor/phpdocumentor/bin/phpdoc.php -d ./src

Although data-layer of source-code isn't well-documented (i.e. PhpDoc summaries are missing, which are totally not necessary), the Class Hierarchy Diagram can prove useful.

Note: Please make sure you have PHP's xsl extension installed. It's required for PHPDocumentor libraries. If you don't want PHPDocumentor included with your installation, please remove it from composer.json file's require-dev list, before running composer install.

Where to report bugs?

Use our JIRA instance to report possible bugs.