Elasticache Drivers for Laravel Cache and Session

2.1.0 2015-06-28 20:14 UTC

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AWS Elasticache Session and Cache Drivers for Laravel (Memcached specifically)


This package requires the memcached extension for PHP. Please see this link for installation instructions.

With composer, simply add "atyagi/elasticache-laravel": "~2.1" to your composer.json. (or "atyagi/elasticache-laravel": "~1.1" for Laravel 4 installations)

Once composer update is ran, add


to the providers array in app/config.php.

At this point, inside of app/session.php and app/cache.php, you can use elasticache as a valid driver.


  • 2.* represents all versions for Laravel 5
  • 1.* represents all versions for Laravel 4


All configuration lives within app/session.php and app/cache.php. The key ones are below:


  • lifetime -- the session lifetime within the Memcached environment
  • cookie -- this is the prefix for the session ID to prevent clashing


Note: for Laravel 5, make sure to add this info to the stores array as follows:

'stores' => [
  'memcached' => [
    'driver' => 'memcached',
    'servers' => [
        'host' => '<YOUR HOST>',
        'port' => '<YOUR_PORT>',
        'weight' => '<YOUR_WEIGHT>'