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Add TeamCity support to atoum

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atoum is a PHP test framework. TeamCity is a software developed by Jetbrains for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD).

TeamCity uses a non-standard specific test execution report format. This extension adds TeamCity support for atoum by supporting this particular report format.


With Composer, to include this extension into your dependencies, you need to require atoum/teamcity-extension:

$ composer require atoum/teamcity-extension '~1.0'

To always enable the extension, the .atoum.php configuration file must be edited to add:

use atoum\teamcity;

$extension = new teamcity\extension($script);

If you would like to enable the extension only when tests run from within a TeamCity environment, write:

$extension = new teamcity\extension($script);

The following screenshot shows the tests of this extension displayed in a TeamCity instance:

The extension in action inside TeamCity


Before running the test suites, the development dependencies must be installed:

$ composer install

Then, to run all the test suites:

$ vendor/bin/atoum --test-ext


Please, see the LICENSE file. This project uses the same license than atoum.