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Composer template for bootstrapped Wordpress projects.

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This is a simple plug-n-play skeleton of a git-friendly Wordpress composer installation

Setup New Project

To get started using it, use the create-project composer command:

composer create-project athaller/wordpress-composer-template

Getting Started

WordPress is a PHP/MySQL-based project. We have a basic development environment that you can quickly get up and running with a few commands. First off, you will need to download and install Docker, if you don't have it already. After that, there are a few commands to run:

Development Environment Commands

Running these commands will start the development environment:

npm install
npm run build:dev
npm run env:start
npm run env:install

Additionally, npm run env:stop will stop the environment.

npm run env:cli runs the WP-CLI tool. WP-CLI has a lot of useful commands you can use to work on your WordPress site. Where the documentation mentions running wp, run npm run env:cli instead. For example, npm run env:cli help.

That's it!

Additionally, you can initialize git repository and configure it as you wish (existing .gitignore provides a good starting point).


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