A PHP adapter for the python deepface framework.

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PHP DeepFace: Advanced Face Recognition for PHP

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Welcome to PHP DeepFace, a powerful face recognition and facial attribute analysis package for PHP. With PHP DeepFace, you can effortlessly integrate cutting-edge deep learning models into your PHP applications for a wide range of face-related tasks. Here's how you can get started:


To get started, you'll need to install the deepface Python framework. You can do this using pip:

pip install deepface

Once you've installed deepface, you can then install the PHP adapter via Composer:

composer require astrotomic/php-deepface


Configuring PHP DeepFace is a breeze. Simply instantiate the Astrotomic\DeepFace\DeepFace class, and it will automatically detect your local Python executable:

$deepface = new \Astrotomic\DeepFace\DeepFace();

If you have a specific Python version you'd like to use, you can provide the path to the Python executable as an argument:

$deepface = new \Astrotomic\DeepFace\DeepFace(
    python: '/usr/bin/python3',


PHP DeepFace provides a wide range of functionalities for face recognition and facial attribute analysis. Here are some key features:

Build Model

You can build a deepface face recognition or facial attribute model with ease:


Face Detection

Perform face detection and alignment using this function:

  img_path: '~/test.png',

Face Verification

Verify whether two images belong to the same person or different persons. This function calculates the similarity between facial image vectors:

  img1_path: '~/test.png',
  img2_path: '~/id.jpg',

Face Recognition

Find identities in a database by applying verification multiple times:

  img_path: '~/test.png',
  db_path: '~/db',

Face Embeddings

Generate vector embeddings for facial images using convolutional neural networks models:

  img_path: '~/test.png',

Facial Attribute Analysis

Analyze facial attributes including age, gender, emotion, and race. This function builds convolutional neural network models to classify these attributes:

  img_path: '~/test.png',


Run tests to ensure everything is working as expected:

composer fix


We welcome contributions! Please see our CONTRIBUTING guidelines for details. You may also want to review our CODE OF CONDUCT.


If you discover any security-related issues, please follow the steps outlined in our SECURITY guidelines to report them.



PHP DeepFace is released under the MIT License. Please see the License File for more information.


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