This library allows user to retrieve quotations from those documents that are provided from the most important sport newspapers. Quotations contains votes of each soccer player of a specific championship match day.

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Fantasy Football Quotations Parser

Provides a way to parse files that are provided by main sport newspapers with players quotations after each soccer match of the Serie A and FIFA World Cup championship.

Supported Newspapers

Currently the "Gazzetta dello Sport" is the only supported newspaper.

NOTE: To add another newspaper into the supported list, please provide us new kinds of files that need to be parsed in order to update the php package.

To do that please file a new issue.


You can install the library and its dependencies using composer running:

$ composer require astronati/fantasy-football-quotations-parser


The library allows to return a model per each quotation (player, vote, etc...).


The following snippet is extracted from the example/sample.php file and shows how parsing an excel file of the season 2017/2018

// Obtain a QuotationsParser
$quotationsParser = QuotationsParserFactory::create(QuotationsParserFactory::FORMAT_GAZZETTA_SINCE_2017);

// Get the quotations, ready to be used
$quotations = $quotationsParser->getQuotations('example/files/2017_quotazioni_gazzetta_02.xls');

Supported Formats

Take a look at the Gazzetta folder to know which formats are supported and at the QuotationsParserFactory to determine which constant using.


A Quotation instance allows to map a single row and to return information as follows:



The environment requires phpunit, that has been already included in the dev-dependencies of the composer.json.


To install all modules you just need to run following command:

$ composer install


Tests files are created in dedicates folders that replicate the src structure as follows:

+-- src
|   +-- [folder-name]
|   |   +-- [file-name].php
|   ...
+-- tests
|   +-- [folder-name]
|   |   +-- [file-name]Test.php

Execute following command to run the tests suite:

$ composer test

Run what follows to see the code coverage:

$ composer coverage


This package is released under the MIT license.