This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the askvortsov/flarum-auto-moderator package instead.

Automatically assign groups based on activity.

v0.2.1 2021-03-16 19:40 UTC

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Last update: 2021-05-20 04:47:10 UTC


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A Flarum extension.

  • Trust levels allow you to automatically manage group membership based on users' activity.
  • Each trust level defines criteria that must be met (e.g. discussions started, posts made, etc), and a group.
  • Users are automatically added to groups for all the trust levels that they qualify for when they log in.
  • Other extensions (or local extenders) can add their own "metric drivers"

Inspired by Discourse's trust level system.

Please Note

  • Since these groups are managed automatically, we recommend maintaining a separate set of groups for trust levels.
  • If you delete a trust level, you should also delete the associated group; otherwise, users in that trust level will remain in that group.
  • To prevent errors, you cannot update a trust level's group after it has been created.
  • Any metrics left disabled will not be counted. If all metrics are disabled for a given trust level, ALL users will receive that level.
  • If a group is managed by multiple trust levels, the user will be added to the group as long as they are in at least one of the trust levels.


This extension is extremely flexible, and can be extended to add custom metric drivers! If your extension or community has some custom metrics that are important for automatically managing groups, you can make a custom metric driver by implementing Askvortsov\TrustLevels\Metric\MetricDriverInterface, and registering that driver via the Askvortsov\TrustLevels\Extend\TrustLevel extender.


  • Add support for more metrics:
    • Posts read
    • Time spent on forum
    • Days visited
    • Days since account creation
    • Etc
  • Add support for dated metrics (discussions created in the past X days)
  • Develop a data collection extension, which could cache things such as like counts, to improve performance on large forums


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composer require askvortsov/flarum-trust-levels


composer update askvortsov/flarum-trust-levels