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3.1.0 2017-10-26 08:36 UTC

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Contact Module

Simple module, ready to be customised to handle contact forms and pages.

Comes with a basic contact form with name/email/company/phone/message fields. Contact requests are displayed on the backend.

This also includes settings to handle address, social media links, and a google map api key.

The default public route is /contact, which will show the form for the Flatly theme.


Module Download

Using AsgardCMS's module download command:

php artisan asgard:download:module asgardcms/contact --migrations --seeds

This will download the module, run its migrations and seed some test data.

This is the recommended way if you wish to customise the fields, views, etc.


composer require asgardcms/contact
php artisan module:migrate contact

This is if the contact module is perfect for your use-case as-is, and doesn't need any changes to fit your needs.

Note: Don't forget to give yourself the required permissions before you can view the backend entries.