Module containing all AsgardCms translations

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Easily manage your translations via the backend GUI.

Contains all the translations files for the AsgardCms Modules.


Require the module in your project

composer require asgardcms/translation-module

Optional configuration

The configuration has one option: translations-gui which you can set to a boolean value. Setting this to true will have a slight performance hit, but it will give you (and your client) the possibility to edit static translations via a GUI.

If you don't have that need, set this to false.

Note: This configuraiton key is in app.php config file.


Don't forget to give yourself the permissions to the translation module if you have enabled the translations-gui option.

Missing assets ? Publish the assets.

If you haven't altered the post-update scripts in the composer file, it will publish the translation module assets to the public folder.

However if you did alter it, or you're getting an AssetNotFound exception, you can publish those assets manually using the following command:

php artisan module:publish translation