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Last update: 2020-07-12 11:42:11 UTC


The goal of this project is to proxy your rest api.

Why do this?

First, it was initialized when I found that some rest api doesn't handle CORS.

This project will reinject CORS headers for angularjs project for example.

This project will also cache response for read request.

NOTE: Rest-proxifier use pathinfo so set your web server to use it.

NOTE2: This project is Cloud Foundry Ready, so you can also use it inside Cloud Foundry to handle uaa rest api for example.


Through Composer, obviously:

$ composer create-project arthurh/rest-proxifier path/

How to use

You can use rest-proxifier in multiple ways:

  • Proxy from cnnfig file
  • Proxy from CloudFoundry Services if you use CloudFoundry
  • Proxy from database entries

Theses 3 ways can be used in same time, there is no limit.

For simple use, look at config/default.yml:

  - api:
    route: /api
    #this is optionnal
    #  header-key: header-value
    #  header-key: header-value
    #response-content: ~
admin-ui: true #set to false to remove admin interface
admin-ui-root: /admin #path to admin ui
rewriting: false #set to true if you use rewriting to point directly on index.php
caching-time: 20 minutes #set to false to remove caching
log-request: true #set to false to stop logs user request to proxify
database: false #or uri to database, e.g: mysql://root:password@localhost/mydb or special uri for sqlite: sqlite:/path, this is optionnal

This file can be rewrite in json or in xml too, it uses this dependency noodlehaus/config so follow schemas from this dependency if you don't want use yaml.

For this default config there is an example, a route is already set.

What you should do to try is to go to http://<my hostname>/index.php/api and rest-proxifier will respond the page with CORS headers.

If you do http://<my hostname>/index.php/api/other/verb/for/api rest-proxifier will respond

Admin interface

By default you have an interface located on http://<my hostname>/index.php/admin.

You can use it to add more proxy only on a database.

Proxies from config file can't be modify with this interface with the goal make accessible all the time theses proxies.

For Cloud Foundry user

This part is only for people who use the Cloud Foundry PaaS.

You can create a service which contain proxy (use regex to find service) in his name with this json value for example:

      "api": "",
      "route": "/api"

And rest-proxifier will auto-bind to this service

You can also create a database service which should contains at least one of theses values in its name (use regex to find service):

  • my (for mysql)
  • db
  • database
  • oracle
  • oci
  • postgres
  • pgsql
  • maria

And rest-proxifier will auto-bind database to this service