Excel files manipulation for Symfony2

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v0.6.0 2017-12-26 16:44 UTC


Trivia read and write of .xls files for Symfony2, built on top of the PHPExcel


Via composer:

require: {
    "arodiss/xls-bundle": "*@stable"

Usage examples:

Read a small file

$reader = $container->get("arodiss.xls.reader");
$content = $reader->readAll("/path/to/file.xls");
//array(2) =>
//    array(2) =>
//        0 => string(10) "First line"
//        1 => null
//    array(2) =>
//        0 => string(10) "Line number"
//        1 => int 2

Read a big file

Previous method can exhaust your memory if the file is big. However this is safe:

$reader = $container->get("arodiss.xls.reader");
$iterator = $reader->getReadIterator("/path/to/file.xls");
//same output format

Read even a bigger file

Sometime PHPOffice just can't provide reasonable performance. For this case bundle provides alternative reader which wraps python implementation. It is rudimentary in terms of functionality and especially interactions (like error handling), but performs faster, especially on large files. In order to use it, you have to install openpyxl (for xlsx) and xlrd (for xls) libraries, which you can easily do through pip package manager

$reader = $container->get("arodiss.xls.reader.python");
$iterator = $reader->getReadIterator("/path/to/file.xls");
//same output format

Return XLS file from Symfony controller

$file = $container
        array("row one field one", "row one field two"),
        array("row two field one")

//now $file is path to tmp file with data

$response = new Response();
$response->headers->set("Content-Type", "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet");
$response->headers->set("Content-Disposition", "attachment;filename=excelfile.xlsx");
return $response;

Write in a file (recommended)

$writer = $container->get("arodiss.xls.writer.buffered");
$writer->create("users.xls", array("name", "email")); //second argument represents first row

foreach ($userProvider->getUsers() as $user) {
    $writer->appendRow("users.xls", array($user->getName(), $user->getEmail()));

Write in a file (not recommended)

Write operations for xls format are extremely expensive, so previous example uses BufferedWriter which stores your data in buffer and writes in file only once, when flushing the buffer. If for some reason this is not what you want to achieve, you may use service xls.writer in stead of xls.writer.buffered.

Formats supported

Files are always written in Excel2007 (.xlsx) format. Read operations, however, MAY work also for other formats supported by PHPExcel (Excel5, Office Open XML, SpreadsheetML, OASIS, CSV, Gnumeric, SYLK) however there is no guarantee for it.