This repository contains the PHP-SDK to interact with Binance DEX. It's supported by mostly pure PHP code.

v1.0 2020-12-27 13:45 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-04-29 01:48:59 UTC


(Fork from hammadtq/binance-php-sdk Porting to composer) This repository contains the PHP-SDK to interact with Binance DEX. It's supported by mostly pure PHP code. The documentation for Binance DEX supported methods is here.


At the moment, you will have to clone the repo and include it in your project. In the future, it will be available through composer. (Added: Available via composer):

composer require arnezt/binancephpsdk

The SDK relies on secp256k1-php. There is currently no easy method to install secp256k1-php extension, you will need compile it yourself.

To Install:

(First check (Ubuntu/Debian) if phpize has available: sudo apt install php7.x-dev)


git clone && \
cd secp256k1 &&                                    \
./ &&                                    \
./configure --enable-experimental --enable-module-{ecdh,recovery} && \
 make &&                                           \
 sudo make install &&                              \
 cd ../


git clone && \
cd secp256k1-php/secp256k1 &&                      \
phpize &&                                          \ 
./configure --with-secp256k1 &&                    \  
make && sudo make install &&                       \
cd ../../

(Optional) - Enable extension by default!

If you're a heavy user, you can add this line to your php.ini files for php-cli, apache2, or php-fpm.

(Added: Check php conf (php7.x-fpm if using fpm) change x with your php version):

$ sudo nano /etc/php/7.x/mods-available/secp256k1.ini


$ sudo ln -s /etc/php/7.x/mods-available/secp256k1.ini /etc/php/7.x/fpm/conf.d/20-secp256k1.ini (for fpm)

$ sudo ln -s /etc/php/7.x/mods-available/secp256k1.ini /etc/php/7.x/cli/conf.d/20-secp256k1.ini (for cli)

The repository was made on Mac OSX using PHP version 7.15.3. You will also need a version above 7. It is advised to go with native PHP installation instead of going with XAMPP or WAMPP so to take advantage of secp256k1-php natively. Also, you may need gmp extension.

To handle big numbers, the SDK makes use of brick/math precision library. Please consider using this or another bcmath or gmp based solutions while dealing with blockchain based numbers.


Note: Please see Issue Tracker to understand what methods are currently available in the sdk.

You can find full example scripts in the src folder.

Few examples to interact with SDK are below:

Keystore reload and getting private key

$keystoreData = '{paste keystore data here or read from a file}';
$keystore= new Keystore();
$keystore->RestoreKeyStore($keystoreData, "{keystore-password}", "tbnb");
$privateKey = $keystore->getPrivateKey();

Similary, if you want to see the hex of private key, simply use this method:


A typical transfer request will look something like this:

$bncClient = new BncClient('');
$bncClient->chooseNetwork("testnet"); // or this can be "mainnet"
$response = $bncClient->transfer("tbnb1yqyppmev2m4z96r4svwtjq8eqp653pt6elq33r", "tbnb1hgm0p7khfk85zpz5v0j8wnej3a90w709zzlffd", 0.001, "BNB", "3423423");

Placing an order

$response = $bncClient->NewOrder("BNB_USDT.B-B7C", 1, 0.001, 1, 0, 1); //Symbol, side, price, quantity, sequence, timeinfore

Amino Encoding

The SDK uses Google proto3 generator to support Binance's aminor encoding/decoding. If you ever include new messages to the proto file, run following command to run the generator from the root:

protoc --proto_path=proto --php_out=./gen proto/dex.proto

Key Generation

Key generation is supported via secp256k1-php library as well.

Once you generate an address, make sure to send an amount on it as the Binance DEX will not make an account unless a transaction is received on an address.

$keystore = new Keystore();
$privateKey = Byte::init($keystore->createPrivateKey());
$publicKey = $keystore->createPublicKey($privateKey);
$address = $keystore->publicKeyToAddress($publicKey, 'tbnb');

Supported Methods

  • Keypair generation
  • Keypair generation with mnemonic
  • Keystore reload
  • Fetching JSON-RPC functions
  • Fetch API functions
  • Transactions: Transfer, NewOrder, CancelOrder, TokenFreeze, TokenUnFreeze, Issue, Mint, Burn, HTLT, DepositHTLT, ClaimHTLT, RefundHTLT, TimeLock, TimeRelock, TimeUnlock

Many thanks to has provided the original source code.