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Provide a read-only API to Twill models and entities.


Install the twill-api package

composer require area17/twill-api


# Migrations
php artisan vendor:publish --tag=twill-api-migrations

# Config
php artisan vendor:publish --tag=twill-api-config

Add SetLocale middleware

Twill API is using the api middleware group provided by default by Laravel. If your content is multilingual and for the API to return the results in the right locale, you need to add this middleware to app/Http/Kernel.php.

You can query the API by adding the locale query string to the url. For example will give you the results available in the French (fr) locale.

    protected $middlewareGroups = [
        // ...

        'api' => [
            // ...

Create the resource

To create a basic schema for a new resource (model), use the artisan command twill:make:schema. Pass the name of the Twill module as the argument.

php artisan twill:make:schema snippets

This command will create app/TwillApi/V1/Snippets/SnippetSchema.php. The command will display a few instructions to register the new schema with the API server and how to declare the endpoint in you routes/api.php.

For what is available from there, consult the Laravel JSON:API documentaiton under the Schemas section.


List of available endpoints:

  • /api/v1
  • /api/v1/blocks
  • /api/v1/blocks/{id}
  • /api/v1/related-items
  • /api/v1/related-items/{id}
  • /api/v1/files
  • /api/v1/files/{id}
  • /api/v1/media
  • /api/v1/media/{id}
  • /api/v1/features
  • /api/v1/features/{id}
  • /api/v1/users
  • /api/v1/users/{id}
  • /api/v1/tags
  • /api/v1/tags/{id}
  • /api/v1/settings
  • /api/v1/settings/{id}