User and usage statistics for Elgg

1.0.2 2019-02-18 14:21 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-06-19 04:51:34 UTC


Elgg 2.3


  • Tracking of user sessions (duration, location, IP address etc)
  • Tracking of page views
  • Tracking of entity views
  • Tracking of entity events
  • Tracking of clicks and form submissions
  • Tracking of benchmarks (total number of users on a given day etc)
  • Detailed reporting tool
  • Easy integration with custom metrics


IP Address to Location

After installing the plugin, download GeoLite2-City.mmdb from and upload it to your server. Update your elgg-config/settings.php with the path to the file, e.g.

$CONFIG->geolite_db = dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) . '/data/GeoLite2-City.mmdb';

Analytics Report

Report can be accessed at /analytics endpoint, or via Admin > Statistics > Overview