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Tired of using heavy frameworks like Symfony, CodeIgniter and others? Try our new boilerplating framework. It does a lot of magic things to make your development only a pleasure.

Table of contents

General info

ArchFW is micro-framework and boilerplate at once. It connects best part of both: half-closed code, enforced architecture and unbelievable perfomance.


Project in order to run requires PHP in version 7.2.6 with PDO library. Using framework requires small experience into PHP language. From programmers, for programmers. As simple as it's possible. You will install this project with Composer. If you want to use Sass and 7-1 Pattern you will also need Node Packet Manager (NPM).


Run required commands in your system shell:

$ composer install
$ npm install

It may happen that some packages from this project will be outdated, then run:

$ npm audit fix

Remember that server root must be set on /public_html folder. A version that does not requite changing server root will be released someday, but for safety this method is simly the best.

If all has been successfully set, you will see proper screen entering http://localhost/ or any domain/IP adress.

Code Examples

In near future here will be huge section about configuring and using this framework.


Framework is going to be perfect, now it does:

  • Routering management
  • HTML and JSON renderers
  • Own logger with file saving
  • Extensible exceptions with error logging
  • Modern OOP view engine
  • Fast OOP MC classes
  • Easiest extentible config ever (PHP Array file)
  • Medoo database - lightest library included

Still in development and further plans:

  • Autoloading config files
  • Installation wizard

Have any ideas what this FW should contain? PM me over


Framework has stable release 2.7.0 in master branch, in dev branch you can find also the newest version - but watch out, it probably WILL NOT be stable.

New functionalities, bux fixes and code reusages are developed quite often, at least once a two months something is changing. Backward compatibility can't be provided on this stage of development, but it will be guaranteed soon.


Well, hard to say - a willing for making something on my own, a hate that exists on many forums on the whole language (PHP never been the liked one). Every time I look how much unneeded code is used in Symfony, one atom of my heart dies. It's obvious that Symfony is a giant tool, but most of my projects needs a simple router, renderer and wrapper mechanism - so that's why I created this. If you think is it legit for bigger projects? - the answer is - yes! A whole Digitale Schiene Deutschland project were written on this - a huge programme for German Federal Railways. And it's code is pretty easy to maintain - that's the fault of overthinked architecture, which might seem weird - but you will love it! So, now go and test my framework :D


For changelog click here.


Created by @archi_tektur with love - feel free to contact me anytime!