Appwrite PHP library for generating API SDKs for multiple programming languages and platforms

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⚙️ Appwrite SDK Generator

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Appwrite SDK generator is a PHP library for auto-generating SDK libraries for multiple languages and platforms.

The SDK Generator uses predefined language settings as Twig templates to generate codebases based on different API specs.

Currently, the only spec supported is Swagger 2.0, but we intend to add support for more specifications in the near future. This generator is still lacking support for any definition/model specs.

Getting Started

Install using composer:


composer update --ignore-platform-reqs --optimize-autoloader

Docker (UNIX)

docker run --rm --interactive --tty --volume "$(pwd)":/app composer install --ignore-platform-reqs

Docker (Windows)

docker run --rm --interactive --tty --volume "%cd%":/app composer install --ignore-platform-reqs

Create language and SDK instances and generate code to target directory.


require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Appwrite\Spec\Swagger2;
use Appwrite\SDK\SDK;
use Appwrite\SDK\Language\PHP;

// Read API specification file (Swagger 2) and create spec instance
$spec = new Swagger2(file_get_contents(''));

// Create language instance
$lang = new PHP();

$lang // Set language or platform specific options

// Create the SDK object with the language and spec instances
$sdk  = new SDK($lang, $spec);

    ->setLicenseContent('License content here.')

$sdk->generate(__DIR__ . '/examples/php'); // Generate source code

Supported Specs

Supported Client / Platform SDKs

Language Supported Versions Coding Standards Package Manager Maintainer
Web ES5+ NPM Coding Style NPM, Yarn, @eldadfux
Flutter Effective Dart pub tool @bartektartanus @Almoullim @lohanidamodar
Android (Kotlin, Java) 5.0+ Android style guide Gradle, Maven @abnegate
iOS, macOS (Swift) iOS 15+, macOS 11+ Swift Style Guide Swift Pkg Manager @abnegate
Unity (Csharp) ? You?

Supported Server SDKs

Language Supported Versions Coding Standards Package Manager Contributors
TypeScript NPM Coding Style NPM, Yarn @eldadfux
NodeJS 8, 10, 12 NPM Coding Style NPM, Yarn @eldadfux
PHP 7.0+ PHP FIG Composer @eldadfux
Ruby 2.4+ Ruby Style Guide GEM @eldadfux @abnegate
Python 3.5+ PEP8 PIP @eldadfux @abnegate
Dart 2.7+ Effective Dart pub @lohanidamodar
Go Effective Go go get @panz3r [@phaus]
.NET .NET core 3.1 C# Coding Conventions NuGet @komemi @TorstenDittmann
D ? You?
Kotlin 1.4.31+ Kotlin style guide Gradle, Maven @abnegate
Java 8+ Google style guide Gradle, Maven @abnegate
Swift 5.5+ Swift Style Guide Swift Pkg Manager @abnegate
Docker CLI Docker Hub @christyjacob4


All code contributions, including those by people with commit access, must go through a pull request and be approved by a core developer before being merged. This is to ensure proper review of all the code.

We truly ❤️ pull requests! If you wish to help, you can learn more about how you can contribute to this project in the contribution guide.

Copyright and license

The MIT License (MIT)