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Aplus Framework App Project

Aplus Framework App Project

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Getting Started

Make sure you have Composer installed.

Follow the installation instructions in the User Guide.

To install the latest version:

composer create-project aplus/app

Or, to install the latest LTS version:

composer create-project aplus/app:^22

Enter the project directory.

Optionally, you can start a new project on GitHub from this template.


Add a LICENSE file.

If you think about open-source your project, choose a license.

If your project is proprietary, you can add your custom license or not.

Edit the .php-cs-fixer.dist.php file. Set the project name and copyright information.

To update the comment header in all PHP files, run:

vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix -vvv

Code Quality

Aplus Framework uses Code Quality Tools in all its projects.

By default, App Project also uses the following tools as dev-dependencies:

Static Analysis

You can find bugs in your code without writing tests by running:

vendor/bin/phpstan analyse

See the phpstan.neon.dist file for more details.

Mess Detector

You can look for several potential problems in the source code by running:

vendor/bin/phpmd app xml phpmd.xml

Customize your rules in the phpmd.xml file.

Coding Standard

We extend PHP-CS-Fixer to create the Coding Standard Library.

It is PSR-12 compatible.

You can see what to fix in the source code by running:

vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --diff --dry-run --verbose


We extend PHPUnit to create the Testing Library.

You can unit test your code by running:


See the phpunit.xml.dist file for more details.


Good software usually has good documentation.

You can build beautiful HTML pages about your project's documentation.

You must have phpDocumentor installed on your computer or run phpdoc inside a container.

Development Environment

The App Project is delivered with a dev-dependency to easily configure the built-in PHP development server.

Just run


and your project will be available at http://localhost:8080.

See the php-server.ini file for more details.


Aplus has Docker images for testing and building software.

You can run it in CI or local environments.

With Docker installed on your computer, you can run:

docker-compose run --service-ports lempa

This will log you as the developer user into a Docker container where you can run all your tests.

By default, the web app will be available at http://localhost, on ports 80 and 443.

See the docker-compose.yml file for more details.

Continuous Integration

App Project is cross-platform and can be used in public and private projects.

You can use it on GitLab, on GitHub, on your computer, anywhere you want.

The App Project is already pre-configured to run in a GitLab CI environment.

See the .gitlab-ci.yml file for more details.

Just upload your project to GitLab and it will run pipelines.

On GitHub, it will run workflows to test your code every Push or Pull Request.

Check the .github folder to see more.

And now?

Go build an API or a website, an awesome app! ⚡

See you.

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Code with Love!

The Aplus Framework Team