Async version of chemem/fauxton-client built on top of ReactPHP.

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Async version of the fauxton-client powered by ReactPHP. As such, it offers the cogencies of CouchDB interactions in a non-blocking IO environment.


  • PHP 7.1+


The fauxton library is available on Packagist. To install it, type the following on your preferred command-line interface:

composer require php-api-clients/fauxton


I advise that you read the official CouchDB documentation so as to better understand fauxton. Also, check out the examples in the examples folder for more perspective.

Running the unit tests

Follow the following steps:

  • Create a database called testdb

  • Type the following in a command line of your choosing:

vendor/bin/phpunit -c phpunit.xml.dist

Dealing with problems

Endeavor to create an issue on GitHub when the need arises or send an email to lochbm@gmail.com