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Collection of cross-project PHP classes.


$ composer require ansas/php-component


Convert "dirty" prices into Euro or Cent

Methods (without internal):

public function __construct($price = null, $format = self::EURO)
public function __toString()
public function clearPrice()
public function getPrice($format = self::EURO)
public function setPrice($price, $format = self::EURO)
public function sanitize($price, $format = self::EURO)
final public static function getInstance()


Making handling of context data a bit easier.


use Ansas\Component\Collection\Collection;

// Create e. g. context
$context = new Collection([
    'key1' => 'value1',

// Setter
$context->key2 = 'value2';
$context['key3'] = 'value3';
$context->set('key4', 'value4');
    'key4', 'value4',
    'key5', 'value5',

// Getter
$key1 = $context->get('key1');
$key2 = $context['key2'];
$key3 = $context->key3;
$key4 = $context->need('key6'); // throws Exception if key does not exist

// Getter (array)
$array = $context->all();
$partArray1 = $context->only('key1,key3');
$partArray2 = $context->only(['key2', 'key4']);

// Count
$elemets = $context->count();
$elemets = count($context);

// Delete

// Delete (extended)
    'key4', 'value4',
    'key5', 'value5',
]); // replaces all existing elements with specified elements
$context->clear(); // deletes all elements

// Check
if ($context->has('key1')) {}
if (isset($context->key1)) {}
if (isset($context['key1'])) {}

// Iterate
foreach ($context as $key => $value) {}
foreach ($context->getIterator() as $key => $value) {}

// Special
$context->add('key6', 'value1'); // element key6 is string
$context->add('key6', 'value2'); // key6 is converted to array automatically
$keyArray = $context->keys(); // new numeric array containing keys only
$valueArray = $context->values(); // new numeric array containing values only


This trait can be used to "sanitize values" by setting empty values to null.

It holds methods which can be called in order to check if a field is empty and set it to "null" before calling the parent setter method. By doing this we have a more cleaned up object and also prevent e. g. the "versionable" behavior from adding a new version (as "" !== null).


protected function convertEmptyToNull($value, array $considerNull = [''])
protected function convertToNull($value, array $considerNull, $trim = false)
protected function trimAndConvertEmptyToNull($value, array $considerNull = [''])
protected function trimAndConvertToNull($value, array $considerNull)


All you need is to configure the native PHP session settings as usual (see

After that load this class and call the static init() method: Ansas\Component\Session\ThriftyFileSession::init();

This will automatically start the session and you can use the native session handling functions and the super global variable $_SESSION as usual.

The benefit of this class is that session storage on disk and session cookies are set only if $_SESSION has data. Also the session cookie will also be updated with every request, so it will not expire before session.gc_maxlifetime and the cookie will be deleted automatically if you destroy the session (both not the case with pure native PHP sessions).

Methods (without internal):

public static function getInstance()
public static function init()
public static function force(boolean $force)
public static function ttl(int $ttl)
public static function cleanup(callable $cleanup)
public static function kill()


A small profiler (stop watch) for different profiles that are logged to any Monolog logger.

Methods (without internal):

// object handling methods
public function __construct(Logger $logger, $level = Logger::DEBUG, callable $formatter = null)
public function __destruct()
public function __get($profile)
public function __toString()

// profile methods
public function add($profile)
public function context(Collection $context = null)
public function get($profile)
public function has($profile)
public function remove($profile)
public function removeAll()
public function set($profile)

// stopwatch methods
public function start($message = 'Start', $context = [])
public function start($context = [])
public function startAll($message = 'Start', $context = [])
public function lap($message = 'Lap', $context = [])
public function lap($context = [])
public function stop($message = 'Stop', $context = [])
public function stop($context = [])
public function stopAll($message = 'Stop', $context = [])
public function note($message = 'Note', $context = [])
public function note($context = [])
public function clear()
public function clearAll()
public function restart($message = 'Restart', $context = [])
public function restart($context = [])

// setter methods
public function setLogger(Logger $logger)
public function setLevel($level)
public function setFormatter(callable $formatter = null)

// time methods
public function timeCurrent()
public function timeStart()
public function timeStop()
public function timeTotal()
public function timeLap($lap = -1)

// default methods
public function defaultFormatter()

// helper methods
public function countLaps()
public function getFormatter()
public function getLaps()
public function getName()
public function getProfiles()
public function isRunning()
public function isStarted()
public function isStopped()


use Ansas\Monolog\Profiler;

$profiler = new Profiler($logger);

// Starts default profile (must be started before any other profiles)


// Adds profile "testA" and logs default message "Start"


// Gets profile "testA" and adds a lap incl. logging it with default message 
// "Lap"

// Adds profile "anotherB" (add always returns new new profile)
$anotherB = $profiler->add("anotherB");

// Starts profile "anotherB" with individual message "B is rolling"
$anotherB->start("B is rolling");


// Add lap for default profile with individual message
$profiler->lap("Lap for main / default profile");

// Stop profile "anotherB" and log with default message "Stop"

// Add subprofile "moreC" to profile "anotherB" and start with individual 
// message and context array (default Monolog / PSR3 signature)
$moreC = $anotherB->add("moreC")->start("Message", ['key' => 1]);

// Add profile "lastD"  to "anotherB" as well
$lastD = $profiler->get("anotherB")->add("lastD");

// Just log a note to profile "lastD"
$lastD->note("Starting soon");

// Clear only profile "anotherB" and start it again
$anotherB->clear()->start("Restarting after clear");

// Stopping "testA" (will not be restarted with upcomming "startAll")
$testA = $profiler->get("testA");

// Just add a profile without doing anything (will be started with startAll)

// Start all profiles incl. default that are not startet
$profiler->startAll("Starting all profiles not started yet");

// Add "veryLastE" to "lastD" but do not log it (as message is null)
$veryLastE = $lastD->add("veryLastE")->start(null);


// Some more profiling
$profiler->get("anotherB")->get("moreC")->lap("Lapdance ;P");
$veryLastE->stop("Stopping E");

// Make things easier, just create profiles via set() or magic method __get()


// Clear "lastD" all subprofiles (no logging will be done now or on exit)
$lastD->clearAll("Clearing D and all subprofiles");

// Stops all counters (done automatically on script end)

// Display current profiling status / report
echo $profiler;

// All running profiles are lapped (if needed), stopped and logged if profiler
// is destroyed or program ends
$profiler = null;



Adds colors to Monolog for console output via Processor. The $record parts level_name and message are colored by this processor


use Ansas\Monolog\Processor\ConsoleColorProcessor;
use Monolog\Logger;
use Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler;
use Monolog\Formatter\LineFormatter;

$loggerFormat   = "[%datetime%] %level_name% %message% %context%\n";
$loggerLevel    = getenv('DEBUG') ? Logger::DEBUG : Logger::NOTICE;
$loggerTimeZone = new DateTimeZone('Europe/Berlin');

$formatter = new LineFormatter($loggerFormat, $loggerTimeFormat);

$defaultHandler = new StreamHandler('php://stdout', $loggerLevel, $bubble = false);

$errorHandler = new StreamHandler('php://stderr', Logger::ERROR, $bubble = false);

$logger = new Logger('console');
$logger->pushProcessor(new ConsoleColorProcessor());

$logger->debug(str_repeat("Xx ", rand(5, 40)));
$logger->info(str_repeat("Xx ", rand(5, 40)));
$logger->notice(str_repeat("Xx ", rand(5, 40)));
$logger->warning(str_repeat("Xx ", rand(5, 40)));
$logger->error(str_repeat("Xx ", rand(5, 40)));
$logger->critical(str_repeat("Xx ", rand(5, 40)));
$logger->alert(str_repeat("Xx ", rand(5, 40)));
$logger->emergency(str_repeat("Xx ", rand(5, 40)));


  • Write tests


Everybody can contribute to this package. Just:

  1. fork it,
  2. make your changes and
  3. send a pull request.

Please make sure to follow PSR-1 and PSR-2 coding conventions.


MIT license (see the LICENSE file for more information).