Convert bytes to other sizes for prettier logging

v1.0 2018-11-26 11:17 UTC

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Last update: 2023-01-12 13:23:42 UTC


prettysize was created by, and is maintained by Ankit Jain, and is a helper utility to provide pretty printed file sizes.

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Installation & Usage

Requires PHP 7.1+

Require prettysize using Composer:

composer require ankitjain28may/prettysize


Pretty::pretty($size, $nospace, $one, $places);

  $size : Size in bytes to be converted (Required)
  $nospace : Remove space from the output (Default - false)
  $one : Single character for the size (Default - false)
  $places : Number of decimal places to return (Default - 1)
use Ankitjain28may\Prettysize\Pretty;

$size = Pretty::pretty(1024);
// $size = "1.0 kB"

$size = Pretty::pretty(1024, true, true, 2);
// $size = "1.00k"

$size = Pretty::pretty(1024, ['nospace' => true, 'one' => true, 'places' => 5]);
// $size = "1.00000k"


Thank you for considering to contribute to prettysize. You can also follow the twitter account for latest announcements or just come say hi!: @ankitjain28may


prettysize is an open-sourced library licensed under the MIT license.