Save array-return configuration files in Laravel 4.

v0.9 2014-04-12 18:03 UTC


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perm offers a simple way to save and retrieve "native" php configuration files in the filesystem.

For example, if writing a cms like Vessel, you might want to save fast configuration values (like a site title or url) perm-anently from an admin interface. This is easy with perm.


  • PHP 5.3+ or HHVM
  • Laravel 4
  • Composer


perm installs with Composer through Packagist.

Add the following to your composer.json:

	"require": {
		"andrewsuzuki/perm": "dev-master",

Then run composer update.

Now add the following to your providers array in config/app.php:


Now add the facade alias to the aliases array:

'Perm' => 'Andrewsuzuki\Perm\Facades\Perm',

And that's it.


If you'd like to load/save files from a base directory other than app/config, publish the package's configuration:

php artisan config:publish hokeo/vessel

Then modify the basepath in app/config/packages/andrewsuzuki/perm/config.php.


  • Load a config file, or mark a non-existing file/directory for creation. chainable
// dot notation from base path (see above for configuration)
$perm = Perm::load('profile.andrew');
// ...or absolute path (no extension)
$perm = Perm::load('/path/to/file');

If the file's directory does not exist, it will be created.

  • Get a config value.
$location   = $perm->get('location');
$location   = $perm->location; // for the first level, you can use magic properties
$first_name = $perm->get('name.first'); // use dot notation for nested values
  • Get multiple values in one go (returns array).
$locationAndFirstName = $perm->get(array('location', 'name.first'));
// or...
list($location, $firstName) = $perm->get(array('location', 'name.first'));
  • Get all config values.
$config = $perm->all();
  • Set a value. chainable
$perm->set('timezone', 'UTC');
// for the first level, you can use magic properties
$perm->timezone = 'UTC';
  • Set a value if and only if it doesn't exist. chainable
$perm->setIf('timezone', 'UTC');
  • Set multiple values in one go. chainable
$perm->set(array('timezone' => 'UTC', 'location' => 'Earth'));
  • Check if a key exists.
$exists = $perm->has('location'); // true/false
$exists = $perm->has('name.first'); // true/false
  • Forget a key. chainable
  • Reset (forget all key/values). chainable
  • Save updated config. chainable
  • Update current loaded filename (will not update loaded config). Filename basename must not contain dots. chainable
// then you might set some more values, then call ->save() again, etc...

Method chaining

Chaining methods is an easy way to consolidate, and improve readability. You can combine any of the above methods marked as chainable. For example:

Perm::load('profile.andrew')->set('name', 'Andrew')->forget('location')->save();


To contribute, please fork and submit a pull request. Otherwise, feel free to submit possible enhancements/issues on the issues page.


Vessel is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license