/sitemap.xml will show all language sitemaps

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composer req andersundsehr/root-sitemap

What dose this Extension do?

if you have your languages like this: /en/ and this: /de/
and not a single language configured like this: /
Than this Extension is for you.

It adds the endpoint /sitemap.xml to all your Sites.
This sitemap includes all active language sitemaps like: /en/?type=1533906435 and /de/?type=1533906435.

You do not need to configure anything.

Additional sitemaps form e.g. other systems:

if you want to add additional sitemaps from e.g. external Systems like a Shop system:
you can add them in the Sites Configuration: Screenshot of sites configuration addition

I want nicer URLS:

you can configure a routeEnhancer like this:
file: config/sites/.../config.yaml

    type: PageType
    # if you want to have trailing slashes for all pages:
    default: '/'
    index: ''
      /: 0
      sitemap.xml: 1533906435

with ♥️ from anders und sehr GmbH

If something did not work 😮
or you appreciate this Extension 🥰 let us know.

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