Docs reader for laravel.

1.0.0 2017-06-29 14:12 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-06-12 23:04:39 UTC


Docs reader for laravel, currently supported extensions is: .md Helpful to use it as knowledge base or faq of your project or features.


  • Render .md docs
  • Security: Configure access
  • You can request/suggest more features

How to use

  • Install:

    • git : git clone

    • composer : composer install anandpilania/laravel-docs

    • Register Provider to config/app.php :

    • AP\Docs\ServiceProvider::class

    Instead of Facade, I used Contract, so Docs can be directly accessible to any class.

  • Publish the config and resources:

    • php artisan vendor:publish
  • Configure package according to your need (app/docs.php):

    • disk.root => Root path of all documents (by default: storage/app/docs)

    http : Responsible for default routes

    • prefix => Route prefix (default: /docs)
    • middleware => By default, web is used as a middleware group

    default' : This section responsible for rendering the default doc`

    • vendor => Default: storage/app/docs/laravel
    • version => Default: 5.4
    • page => Load default (installation) file while accessing //HOSTNAME/docs/laravel/5.4.
    • index => Default index file
    • extension => Currently this package supports only .md, so don't change it.

    security : Limit the access of docs

    • enabled => Its up to you, to enable this feature or not. true||false
    • file => Configure the file name of security according to your wish. default security.json Add this security.file to the vendor directory.

    extensions :

    • supported => Add extensions those are supported for render (currently .md), remaning extensions will excluded
    • excluded => Files containing these extensions will not displayed in the list
  • Sample security.json (ex: /storage/docs/app/laravel/security.json):

    { "roles": ["users"], "permissions": [""] }

NOTE: Default route are hard-coded to the ServiceProvider file of the package.